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About Us

We are passionate bookkeeping nerds in Ottawa who believe that quality bookkeeping should give you peace of mind, control over your finances and the freedom and information you need to reach your goals.

Our Mission

The Legacy Equation empowers business owners around their finances by removing confusion, fear and uncertainty and replaces it with clarity, freedom and control. We shape our legacy by helping our clients attain their goals.

Our Legacy

Proven systems bookkeeping focused on supporting your goals.

Our Values

Remove confusion, fear & uncertainty

Go the extra mile

Be consistent, reliable and transparent

Be supportive and empowering

Seek growth and learning

Live a balanced life

Build a legacy by helping others build legacies


About You

Any small business owner without reliable and accurate bookkeeping worries, not only about what will happen to your business, but what could happen to your life.

The Legacy Equation’s high quality and proven systems bookkeeping enables you to remain focused on your business goals.


You might be here because

  • you are just starting your business and you wisely recognize the need to hire a quality bookkeeper;
  • or maybe your books have gotten behind, or you suffered from a bad bookkeeper and you need help getting back on track;
  • or maybe you lost a great bookkeeper you are having a hard time replacing;
  • or maybe – congratulations! – your business is now so busy, you need to offload the bookkeeping to focus on managing growth.

Whatever the reason for hiring a new bookkeeper, The Legacy Equation provides to you the peace of mind to know that your finances are in shape and that you are making business decisions based on the most accurate information available.

Take advantage of an improved work-life balance as you build your own legacy.

About Me

I wanted to be a clown when I was 5 years old. I was shy, but I loved to make people happy. As I grew into a young adult my plans matured into a desire to help people through nursing. But two years into a Nursing Science degree I realized something just wasn’t fitting right.

It was time to pursue my second love: numbers.

To finance my nursing studies, I worked at a local picture framing shop where I eventually started helping with the bookkeeping. As a bookkeeper, I found that I could help business owners find peace of mind with proper controls and clarity around their business numbers. It also brought them a kind of freedom to make decisions with greater certainty and less risk. I saw that good bookkeeping could not only positively impact their businesses goals, but also their lives and the lives of those around them.

Anastasia Wilde

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Excited about business finance, I switched from nursing to accounting. Just before the final year of my program, I took time off to be with my dad before we lost him to cancer. During this pause I realized that my real passion was, in fact, bookkeeping and not accounting. (You can learn about the difference between the two here.) Accounting was too removed from the day-to-day operations. I loved having my hands in every transaction and, even more, I loved the relationship between business owner and bookkeeper.

In 2016 we welcomed my son into the world.  During naptime over a year and half, I completed Certificate of Bookkeeping and became a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Pure Bookkeeping

I decided to become a Pure Bookkeeping licensee as I know that proven systems are the key to guaranteeing work quality. I chose The Pure Bookkeeping System as it is the best available. Designed by a team of professional bookkeepers over 10 years, it provides best practices and systems to ensure a consistently high standard of work.

I am also a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada and adhere to their code of conduct.

High Quality Bookkeeping

So, what does all this mean for my clients? Bookkeeping is not my job – it is my passion. I strive to provide my clients with peace of mind, knowing that their finances (AR/AP/Payroll/Tax remittances) are in order. Using a systems-based process (transferable and repeatable between bookkeepers to ensure quality), I empower my clients with both standard and customized reports, so they can track their key performance metrics and make decisions with the best information possible.

There is no clowning around. The Legacy Equation provides business owners control over their finances, so they can focus on achieving their dreams.


Where We Operate

We serve businesses in the Ottawa area and virtually serve businesses anywhere across Canada.

Team Standards

Our bookkeepers are required to fulfill four standards – education, experience, testing & training:

  • Minimum: Certificate of Bookkeeping
  • Certified or on Tier 1 to 4 of the Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) pathway
  • Successfully completed the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment
  • Successfully completed The Pure Bookkeeping Training Module

Many applicants will claim to be proficient in QuickBooks or Sage, but when they start processing transactions, the opposite is true. We use The Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment to test our applicants’ proficiency in QuickBooks or Sage and their general bookkeeping skills. This must be completed successfully before they have an interview.

Once selected, they complete The Pure Bookkeeping Training Module – an intensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects of The Pure Bookkeeping System before qualifying to start as one of our bookkeepers. This ensures that every member of The Legacy Equation follows the same best practices each time they touch a client’s books.